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Compering Fluorescent Lamps vs GLL LED Tubes - Power Consumption Data

2350 Bridletowne Cir, Toronto


The Underground parking garage of Bridletowne Circle is currently operation with light fixtures of two 4-foot T8 32W fluorescent lamps and they are on 24/7, 365 days a year. On July 14th, 2016, Globe LED Lighting INC. (GLL) retrofitted one sample fixture of two 4-feet GLL T8 LED tube with build-in motion sensor. After 97 days’ examination, the typical light fixture of two 4-foot T8 32 fluorescent lamps is consuming 1.45 kWh per day on average. Globe LED Lighting Inc.’s dimmable LED tubes with sensor consume only 0.23 kWh per day on average. Thus, 84% of energy consumption saving is achieved.

On the 57th day of the installation of the sample, the Board and the property manager decided to give us the opportunity to retrofit the entire parking garage florescent lamps to our LED tubes with Motion Sensor.


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